why cyber security is vital

Why Cyber Security is vital to your Organization

We live in the information era where information defines the identity of a person. We tend to scrutinize every online product/service to have some security measures implemented to avoid data breach before using them excessively.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security aims at protecting the computer, network systems such as hardware, software programs, and data from unauthorized access or attacks aimed for exploitation. The practice used by individuals and enterprises to protect against these kinds of attacks.

The goal of having cyber security implemented for your organization is to place security measures for computers, network devices, and data stored on these devices from attacks with malicious intent. These attacks can range from gaining access to, deleting, or extorting user sensitive data, making cyber security vital and a necessity for medical, government, corporate, and financial organizations, or any other organization that may hold vital personal information.

why cyber security is vital

Cyber security is constantly changing, with the development of new technologies, new avenues opened for cyberattacks. Major security breaches are the ones to get publicized, small organizations still deal with other security breaches, as they are the most likely targets for viruses and phishing.

Organizations are informed to implement cyber security tools, risk management approaches, and continuously update their computer and network systems as technologies change and evolve to protect the organization, employees, and individuals data.

Types of Cyber Security attacks

Keeping a track of all the cyber threats that can take multiple forms is a challenging task. It is a necessity to protect sensitive information from getting leaked to the public, threats include:

  1. Malware: A form of malware software, which will affect files and programs and use them to cause harm to your computers, such as computer viruses, Trojan Horses, and spyware viruses.
  2. Ransomware: A type of malware that involves the attacker locking the victim’s system files using encryption, and demands payment to decrypt and unlock them.
  3. Social engineering: A type of attack that makes users break security policies to gain access to sensitive information. (impersonating as a genuine site)
  4. Phishing: Is a form of fraud where fraudulent emails are sent that take after emails sent from reliable sources, these emails intend to steal sensitive data like credit card and login information.

Areas covered under Cyber security

Application Security consists of measures and countermeasures placed during the development life cycle of the application to protect it against threats that can come through the flaws in the application design, development, deployment, or maintenance.

Techniques used to address this are:

  1. input parameter validation
  2. role-based authentication and authorization
  3. session management & exception management
  4. auditing and logging

Information Security protects information from unauthorized access to avoid data theft.

Techniques used to address this are:

  1. user authentication and authorization
  2. cryptography

Disaster Recovery includes the process of performing risk assessment, prioritizing, establishing disaster recovery strategies in case of a disaster. Every Business needs to create a disaster recovery plan to resume normal operations after a disaster.

Network Security contains the activities necessary to protect the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of the network. Having effective network security can help detect threats and stop them from spreading on the network.

Network security includes:

  1. antivirus and antispyware.
  2. firewall to block unauthorized users on your network.
  3. provide remote access via Virtual Private Network (VPNs).
  4. intrusion detection system to identify threats faster.


Having your organization equipped with the security measures to fight against these kind of cyber security attacks is vital to build trust with your existing clients and attracting potential clients to utilize your service or product. In short cyber security is backbone for any growing business in this information era.

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