Video game Advertising

Marketing Lessons to Learn from Video-Game Advertising

Before the era of video game consoles, there were arcade game machines operated by coins. In the 1930s, there were Pinball machines, and in 1970, modern video arcade games were introduced. Magnavox Odyssey is the first home console, launched in 1972. Now we’re into the ninth generation home video consoles, with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X consoles. But, here are marketing lessons, 2020.

Why does this matter? The video game sales were more than $16 billion in 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the top-selling game of the year 2019, which sold more than 10 million copies. The brand gained a reputation that can be sold based on its name alone since 2012, but other games are still finding it difficult to establish themselves, let’s look at the game that redefined itself after suffering an outcry.

Video game Advertising

Most of the video games are available online. Players are now in forums where they write blogs and share their thoughts about the game on Twitter and other social media platforms. In some shape or form, they are talking about their experiences while playing these games, In fact, many of their consumers are doing this for all their products, not just games. They also talk about the pros and cons of gameplay. In general, when it comes to the marketing of video games and the entertainment industry, we have seen a shift in paradigm from the passive “press release and release of a trailer” to a much more involved social experience. All major releases are more like events rather than a simple “release”.

A game marketing example is a campaign that Microsoft ran for “Halo”. Halo was the first game in the series that wasn’t made by the original creators, Bungie Studios, Microsoft needed a way to show their support for the new team. So, they released a movie. Well, it started as a weekly live-action series called “Forward Unto Dawn” which was used to set up the story of the Halo game. They combined these series and released it as a full-length movie.

What did Microsoft do right, and how can we, as marketers, apply this to our campaigns?

Know Your Audience

Microsoft wanted to affirm that the Halo franchise is in good hands with the new studio, and 343 Industries. In order to do that, Microsoft used the year’s worth of data they had collected from their fan base. Microsoft uses this data to precisely target customer segments with content and offers which are relevant to them, based on their usage history. They create effective direct marketing communications that struck an emotional chord in the loyal customer base. 

Create Engaging Content

Always create content with your data in mind. Content marketing is defined as follows “any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of content in order to acquire customers”. Basically, you shouldn’t pitch or sell a product. Your content should be focused on selling without selling.

Video game Advertising

Great content doesn’t sell a product, it sells an idea. There is only so much you can achieve with words alone. The idea will not only gain you customers but also loyal customers who will connect with your product and believe in your idea.


You know your audience. This audience is consuming your content. Now all you need to do is talk to them. Nothing makes a consumer feel better than when a company they know and trust listens to them. Microsoft invited the loyal Halo fans with a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the event organized in Liechtenstein (smallest European country), which was completely transformed to be a replica of a planet from the Halo universe.

Video game Advertising

Social networks have the ability to give users an instantaneous connection to desired brands. This can give brands numerous ways to keep conversations going about their products and services.

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