Marketing to Gen Z

Marketing to Gen Z

According to Morning Consult, 88% of Gen-Z prefers omnichannel branded experiences.

“50 Stats All Marketers Must Know About Gen-Z”, wrote Forbes. As a marketer, I come across such stats on a daily basis but what does it actually mean? And how does it affect consumer behaviour?

First, let’s understand, who really is GenZ?

Gen Z technically you can define them as the generation that was born maybe around the late 90s onward so people who are right now probably in their teens and early 20s. This is the generation that is shaped by a digital culture. This is the generation that’s being born into social media, that’s born into instant connectivity and you’ve got to think about how that shapes their behaviour and how they think and what their aspirations are.

But what does it mean for advertisers or brands?

Brands really have a positive role to play as brands help to define a culture as well. I don’t think there’s a wall anymore between  the culture and the consumer and the brand. It’s almost like the brand is a community and the brand can help build community and help influence the lifestyle, help influence taste. You see it all the time with GenZ consumers crying out for brands to be more than just a brand. They should have values and speak up for those.

So, what is this Genz language and how do I speak it?

1. Creating experiences 

With GenZ basically being the customer of the future, marketers have to think more innovatively and tactically. They are the generation who crave experiential marketing. Authentic brand experiences. Tangible and tactile. Big festivals like music gatherings, art exhibitions, product launches, brand activations, gaming conferences, or other technology showcases are the perfect place to capture their hearts and minds.

2. Visual communication 

There are new rules when it comes to communicating to GenZ. Brands almost have to reinvent their marketing strategy to talk to this group. Having a visual first mindset is important. If content is king then to this generation of Snapchat and Instagram first audience, aesthetics is queen. Make your content accessible across different screens. Keep it short, sweet and snackable. (think emojis, GIFs, or Memes) and align with their consumption habits.  Visuals and themes matter. It’s why you see so many graphics-based ads and content on social media networks working,

3. Encourage customer interaction 

Be a brand which gives enough and more opportunities and touchpoints across channels for your customer to interact with the brand. Step up your interactivity game.  it’s essential to invest in interactive content — from online quizzes and games to widgets that personalize their buying experience. After all, 42 percent of Gen-Zers would participate in a marketing campaign’s online game, and 43 percent would engage with a product review, according to a survey by IBM. Interactive tools make the buying experience feel personalized directly for their needs. 

4. Keep it Authentic 

This generation has a lot of choices to make. With constantly being plugged to the internet and having never ending options. ‘Choice’ plays a big part in the decision making process for a  digitally savvy consumer. Simply put, availability and accessibility is at large with new brands and products popping up every day, it’s critical to keep it real and honest. Simply put, don’t fake it. The Gen Z preoccupation with authenticity — which has driven them away from traditional celebrities and rather in favour of more intimate social media and YouTube influencers. Data shows that 89 percent of Gen Z “would rather buy from a company supporting social and environmental issues over one that does not.” They give the most attention to businesses that have concrete values while being both cause-driven and profit-driven. Sustainability plays a big part in this.

5. Social responsibility 

Internet culture and digital as whole has influenced the way that they behave. In many ways, this generation supports brands that make a difference in the world. having grown up amid recessions, fractured politics, These CSR preferences by Gen Z align with those of Millennials, who expect to see more gender equality in business leadership, want to witness ethical practices and, in general, favours companies that incorporate CSR into their corporate cultures and business models. Brands should recognize that Gen Z preference in their marketing efforts and corporate culture initiatives if they want to experience long-term success with our youngest consumer generation.

To Conclude

Use the power of social media, meet your audience where they are. Learn how to speak the GenZ language. Creating and delivering authentic, marketing content is required and there are no shortcuts. Keep it practical. Make it meaningful.

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