Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography might sound very fancy and complicated but it’s basically just moving text. 

It is an animation technique that mixes motion and typography to express ideas. If you are on social media, chances are you would have come across this multiple times. Many brands and creators are using this because of the “wow” effect it adds to a creative. It can help the creators better communicate to their audience what they had in mind.

In these animations, texts fly, grow, expand and change in order to empower the message they are depicting. It is impressive how a simple text with the right tone, pace and use of typography can evoke emotions and help the viewer concentrate more on what’s being said and understand it better. It’s everywhere now from websites to ads to social media posts. 

This is certainly not a new phenomenon. It started in the 1960s when movies started using moving text instead of static to show the movie title. But creators have innovated the use of moving titles to add flair to all of their work. 

Kinetic typography is commonly used by designers and typographers to experiment with type, usually representing movie dialogues as a learning exercise. It is also used in advertising as a way to create engaging visuals with a limited budget. Advertisements can incorporate more information and text using this technique. If you saw a huge block of text, you would scroll past it. But if it was animated so that the information comes in parts, you would be more interested to see what is happening. 

More and more artists have created an amazing array of work using this technique. 

Check out these videos for some amazing examples of how kinetic typography works. Check out #kinetuc typography for more.

Kinetic Typography
Kinetic Typography
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