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Building your brand on Pinterest

Branding on Pinterest is important for any business as Pinterest is a visual discovery engine used to find ideas like recipes, home, and style inspiration, amongst many others. With billions of Pins on Pinterest, you’ll always find ideas to spark inspiration. It’s a house for tons of photos, graphics, and links for nearly anything you might want to find. In today’s time, social media has become a goldmine for business opportunities. Pinterest is a platform that helps users find photos of new products and provides them with new ideas.

To build your brand on any social media platform the most important point is to make a brand presence on different platforms. For a platform like Pinterest, a brand needs to keep a few things in mind to get recognized. The first thing a brand needs to do is choose a suitable cover board that will help the brand post blogs, graphics, product shots, and other designs from the company. A brand must choose a profile picture which represents their brand and the business. Then a good bio should be written which will clearly and succinctly communicate your brand’s mission statement. 

branding on pinterest

The second point we must keep in mind is to have a strong content strategy where brands focus on the photographs of their products by turning them into pins. The audience on Pinterest loves to browse through pictures of home decor, clothing, accessories and gifts, etc. 

Joining community boards is another good strategy Pinterest provides us with to build and showcase our brand; it helps you look for prominent Pinners in your niche and check to see if they have group boards relevant to your industry. 

A brand’s main focus should be on Pinterest SEO, Pinterest has its own algorithm and their search engine optimization rules. We must focus on SEO to increase our ranking on the platform. We should also post pins and pictures regularly to keep our audience engaged and interested in our brand profile.

branding on pinterest

Pinterest is constantly adding new features and in 2020 there are some marketing strategies one must follow to build their brand and get more coverage

Create video pins: The popularity of watching videos in this generation is huge. Brands can make short clips and videos of their products and post them on their board. But remember not to reveal everything on the video, keep something to look forward to. This will help to draw the attention of the audience and drive traffic onto the page.

Hashtag #: we all understand the importance of hashtags in social media. Relevant hashtags should be used. They should be catchy and specific.

Keywords: Use simple keywords that suit your brand in order to attract your target audience.

Engage with your audience: brands must reply and comment on pins. Comments are one of the strongest signals that people are engaging with a particular Pin. Spending some time engaging with your community and audience will increase your followers, brand loyalty, and other metrics that contribute to the growth of your brand on Pinterest.

Create multiple pins for one aspect: A brand must always create more than one Pin per article. Creating extra Pins doesn’t take the same time as creating the first. By creating more than one Pin, brands can test different keywords, descriptions, and hashtags to reach a much larger audience.

Invest in high-quality images: a heavily visual platform like Pinterest demands high-quality and good images to increase clicks and engagement. While representing your brand on Pinterest one must focus on highly professional pins.

Pinterest is easy to use and user-friendly. To promote and build a business, one must just keep these few things in mind. This will help to increase brand presence and result in the overall development of the brand image. To know more about how best to use Pinterest, come check with Clevertize!

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