Influencer Marketing

Keeping up with Influencer Marketing

“Today, there is nothing more valuable than an audience” – Joel Robinson

Influencer Marketing

And most of the attention of these valuable audiences is captured by Influencers. Influencer marketing is a mix of both old and new marketing strategies. The good old celebrity endorsement is included with the present day marketing campaigns, which is based on content. Most of these influencers are famous in the online platforms, and not offline. These influencers are potential social relationship builders. The brands collaborate with these influencers in order to achieve their marketing strategies. 

The influencers have enthusiastic audiences who are more attached to the influencers than the brand. Keeping up with the trends and the influencers becomes an important task. Hence, getting some of the audience attention through the help of influencers is the basis of influencer marketing. Choosing the right influencer and designing the campaign accordingly becomes crucial. Just by finding someone with many followers won’t help. Finding the right audience, building credibility based on niche should be focused on. 

The Influencer marketing trend has taken the internet by storm. Its benefiting both the brands, consumers and adding revenue to the influencer. Influencer marketing has become an important aspect of social media campaigns. The trust in the people we follow on social media has led to the boom of influencer marketing. 

With the present pandemic situation, the influencer marketing has become the biggest asset for marketers. The trends have been changing lately and rapidly.

  1. The focus is now on micro influencers and nano influencers

Influencers with 5000-10,000 followers to 1 million followers are the focus of the marketers. The marketers are being smart and investing in them. The need for real and genuine engagements has led to the marketers concentrating on investing in these influencers.

  1. Increase in audio and video content by Influencers

The pandemic has got us all glued to our smart devices and this has become a golden opportunity for the influencers. With easy access to the internet and new content sharing platforms emerging each day, there is an increase in content.


Influencer Marketing

The popular examples of influencers who increased making content in 2020 and also gained instant popularity are Danish Sait, Yashraj Mukhate, Ronit Ashra etc

  1. Celebrities will not be much approached for campaigns

             An influencer is someone who can influence the decision of people. And one with a niche and also with a potential audience will have a lot of advantages. The value for money and the impact it creates by collaborating with a certain influencer creates the basis for choosing the right influencers. 

  1. Multiple platforms will be used

Based on what the target audience is, the marketer can choose the required platform. A proper strategy will help reach the right audience with the help of an influencer. What works best for one brand might not work for the other. So, careful planning and strategizing is crucial. Once the traction is created, until the next major trend, the platform can be used effectively. 

With these trends, the future in influencer marketing looks huge and promising. 

There has been a new trend of ‘influencing groups’ instead of just the influencers. And with this consumer to consumer influence is growing simultaneously. Getting into micro groups is the trend with Gen Z. The need for personalization and realistic campaigns is increasing. 

The future of influencer marketing has a lot to grow. With new platforms and ease of technology, it only seems to get bigger and better.

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