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If you can handle changes intelligently through a machine, you can react quickly to changes in the marketplace, where someone pulling a daily report couldn’t do the same.” Adobe.

In today’s world, the internet has drastically changed the advertising industry, and it continues to change the game as new technology and platforms are released. 

Here is few technological innovations that are leading the way:

1/2: Advertising Intelligence

What is the right commutation? How to reach the right audience at the right time? How to improve ROI? Which medium works better for the given business? etc etc… 

This technology provides the right insights based on actual market intelligence to solve the problem. 

  • Artificial Intelligence – Several key technologies are at the center of this new frontier of advertising and it should be baked into a modern AdTech solution. This feature is helping scale ad planning, performance, and personalized creatives and it also helps advertisers to create and deliver high performance connected experiences.

In fact, research shows that 89% of marketers saw higher conversions using algorithms for tested ad packages compared to manual optimizations. And, according to Econsultancy, 46% of advertisers say AI will help them become more effective.

  • QR Code – It’s important for marketers to understand the strategy behind an augmented reality program of the QR code and how one can push the message or content out in the market. We understand that it has been largely dismissed because there is a perceived lack of value, but it can become an ongoing mode of communication between a company and customers.

  • Augmented reality (AR) – These days, there is a big opportunity just waiting to unfold in the form of Augmented Reality (AR).  This is an extended reality space with the ability to embed and deliver overlays of information within a scene, an Instagram post, or introduce games or more interactive experiences into scenes, whether it is previewing makeup or rendering a 3D view of an item— it offers tangible opportunities today.

Trekk has promoted the use of AR markers, such as QR codes, that generate video pop-ups after a recipient scans them. This eliminates the need to download an app to view an ad or other marketing message. Virtual reality (VR) –   One of the topmost intelligence idea where advertising gives someone a personal & emotional touch without having to step out anywhere.  It can also create the impact of being there and feeling something. This new medium of experiential advertising comes with the potential to transform the way brands communicate across numerous industries, according to Camera.

2/2: Accurate Advertising: 

Accurate data is at the centre of digital advertising and without it an organization cannot deliver on the promise of technology.

  • Geo-Fencing – This is yet another emerging technology that is making a mark,  geo-location or geo-fensing. These location-based technologies give marketers and advertisers, particularly at resorts, on cruise ships, and other specialized sites, a better understanding of customer behavior so they can serve up appropriate promotions and ads. 

For instance, a 2017 Urban Outfitters campaign used hyperlocal geo-fencing to drive a 75% conversion gain.

  • Programmatic advertising – Nowadays, automated buying & selling of online advertising programmes has gone for a toss and it is no longer enough to simply use technology to calculate millions of bids and ad opportunities. 

Based on the same, it is safe to say that Programmatic Advertising is another area that deserves more attention. These days, lots of brands use this unique technology to identify their premium audience with premium inventory sources and engage them through a storytelling format. To make the most of this technology, every brand should follow the unique advertising chance with most important data, audience and creative assets to take advantage of real time decision making and buying. 

Also the other new technological advancements like 5G, serverless computing, blockchain, Robotics, 3D printing, etc., will be increasingly used by advertisers.

At the same time, it is also difficult to predict exactly where technology and advertising will go. Though it is fairly clear that mobility is at the center of everything, it is essential to experiment and learn along the way. This will eventually pay dividends.

But these days, marketers believe that when technologies come together, amazing innovations happen and we can produce exponentially superior ads and results. It is these technologies that help us to easily understand how frequently people buy a product and when they are in a position to make a purchase.

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