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Use of Social Media for Customer Service

Social Media is savvier than before and it’s the next google. People search everything on social media from experience to reviews. Social Media helps you understand your audience and help strategize. Building relations with customers via social media and the way these channels are managed is an essential element of the brand’s success. Many people connect with brands on social media for a service.

Being a customer these days means that you have a wide variety of service channels to choose from. There are self-service knowledge bases, AI-powered chatbots and messaging services designed to cater to different customers. Social media customer service means using social channels to provide efficient and effective customer service and support. Customers expect to be able to reach out to brands on social channels for help—and get a quick reply.

Let’s make sure you’re ready to help them when they reach out to you.

What do customers expect?
Smoother service and close interaction with brands they love and follow. Social Media can positively influence sales and to a large extent brand loyalty and connection. Customers will feel closer to the brand, creating emotional bonds and would want to invest in it. In fact, 67% of consumers have engaged a brand’s social media for customer service needs. However, brands respond to only half of them. More a brand responds, the more conversations take place and hence loyalty is built. One of the main reasons why customers unfollow brands on social media is because of poor customer service. Building relations with customers via social media and the way these channels are managed is an essential element of the brand’s success.

What is the role of social media in customer service?
The mutual benefits of easy brand accessibility via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others allow easy customer contact and engaging social interaction, providing brand building and wide scale contact through multiple channels.From an entrepreneur’s perspective, it saves a lot of time and money. In addition, the use of social networking sites allows you to reach a much wider group of customers than using traditional methods.

This form of contact is extremely convenient for customers as it taps into their social network and social time, it makes way for quick contact with the customer service department, without the need to make endless inconvenient phone calls. It’s worth it for a business to use numerous social media channels at the same time to provide customers with the freedom to choose their preferred form of contact. Thanks to the ability to speak directly with brands via social media channels, it means many customers feel “closer” to the brand and therefore can emotionally connect and invest in it. Using such a solution will not only increase the effectiveness of activities in this area but will also have a positive impact on the company’s image for convenience and social interaction. One of the main changes that must be made in order to implement an effective customer service strategy is a change in your “corporate” way of thinking. Customer service should not be limited to immediate patching of holes and solving new problems  but should consist of reaching out, anticipating the needs of customers before they’re even aware they have a need.

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