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Stop Posting Content Every Day.

Contrary to the popular practice of posting every day, I believe it’s an outdated idea that you need to get rid of. Here’s why!

According to Facebook, in a month, an average user likes 10 posts, 4 comments & 8 ads. Don’t be misled with this data and jump to a conclusion that you need to post more to be able to get a like, comment or a click. Another set of stats also says that an average consumer is exposed to about 5000 ads a day.

Nope, I am not kidding. 

So what should be the social media strategy to make the most out of it? 

Tip 1 

Start with what do you want out of the platforms?
Trust me it’s not always sales!
If you are still stuck on why should I invest time, energy & money on this platform if sales is not the primary focus then maybe you should go back to buying ads slots on Times of India. 

Can do a separate blog on why caring for customers is a good business strategy if you are not convinced with ROI on social media beyond leads/sales, if you insist. Real Estate Brands might take keen interest in this one! Let me know below:

Tip 2

Ahh, Use all the measures that you use while investing on a print ads.

  •  ☐ Right Audience
  •  ☐ Right Placement
  •  ☐ Right Format
  •  ☐ Right Time
  •  ☐ Relevant Information
  •  ☐ Creative Execution
  •  ☐ Right Investment to ensure reach, impact & action.

In other words, ‘quality content, with clear objective & increased ad frequency!

Neil Patel, however, suggests posting twice a day if you have more than 10,000 followers. If you are a Neil Patel fan, you might want to drop off at point. Luckily, I do not have that many, so I’ll write some more, I guess 

Tip 3 

Use the 1C:4P formula

A little bit of math here, I promise it’s not calculus, but simple arithmetic. Thumb rule is, if you Invest 100 bucks to produce the content, Invest at least 4x times or 400 bucks to promote the content.

Now you all know the role of platform algorithm to reduce the organic reach. So if you have a budget to produce 30 pieces of average content a month, instead try to produce 10 ‘clutter breaking’ kick ass quality content & ensure it’s promoted well.

Don’t you think Facebook & YouTube should pay me for suggesting that they invest more in promotions? However if you are paying more retainer to your agency than your monthly promotional budget, congratulations you will be ‘Out of Business Soon’ or may be, give us a call and we can talk!

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