This Week in AI – June Edition

Burger Wars are back!

When new technology or meme formats hit the scene, you know the brands won’t be far behind, ready to jump on the bandwagon. So, guess who’s the latest recruit in the never-ending burger wars? It’s none other than AI chatbot ChatGPT!

McDonald’s, always up for some advertising shenanigans, decided to put ChatGPT to work by creating a typographical poster that poses the burning question, “What is the most iconic burger in the world?” Clever move, Ronald! 

But hold your sesame-seeded buns, because Burger King wasn’t about to let that slide. They swiftly fired back with their own poster, throwing shade at the competition, asking, “And which is the biggest?” Shots fired, my friends!

Now, let’s talk about the ads themselves. They keep it simple yet stylish, letting the text steal the show. And here’s a fun touch – the font color changes to match the layers of a Big Mac and a Whopper. It’s like watching a typographical work of art unfold before your eyes. The text, courtesy of ChatGPT, is just what you’d expect – informative and to the point. You get a quick history lesson on the Big Mac, introduced in 1967 and all that jazz, while the Whopper is described as a “robust and satisfying burger.” Well, they certainly know how to sell it!

But what’s really impressive is how fast the folks at agency David São Paulo reacted. Just one day later, they unleashed the Burger King poster right next to the McDonald’s ad, creating a cheeky burger battle on the streets of São Paulo. Now that’s some next level content marketing!

Subway couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. They asked the chatbot, “Hey, how does a McDonald’s Big Mac and a Burger King Whopper stack up against our footlong sandwiches?” And guess what the cheeky chatbot replied in bold, attention-grabbing letters? “Well, both of them are way smaller than a footlong!”

These playful jabs between fast food giants keep us entertained and make the burger wars even more exciting. Who knows what they’ll come up with next? Maybe a rap battle between Ronald and the King?

In the end, it’s all about enjoying the humor and creativity that brands bring to the table. Kudos to the team handling content strategy for these brands. Keep those witty ads coming, McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. We’re lovin’ it!

Say hello to LLM-powered Chatbots

What is LLM, you ask? LLM stands for ‘Large Language Model’ which is a smart computer program that uses a special type of artificial intelligence called deep learning. It uses lots of information from the internet to learn how to understand, summarize, create, and guess what new things to say or write.

So, how does this fancy new AI stuff affect the job of customer service agents? Well, with chatbots handling a bunch of cases, thanks to the power of LLMs, the agents can focus on the trickier issues that still require their human touch. This new-gen AI will help them solve those problems faster, giving them the freedom to create amazing customer experiences, boost brand loyalty, and even find new ways to make money.

Usually, agents have to search through a bunch of places to find answers for customers – internal knowledge sources, team chats, external websites – it can be a real hassle. But with AI, things get easier. It can quickly scan different sources and come up with suggested answers for the agents. AI can also give a quick summary of all the previous conversations and data points related to a case, so the agent can get up to speed in no time. This saves reading time and lets them focus on solving the problem, which makes the whole customer experience better.

In the past, contact centers were seen as just a cost for companies. But with agents spending less time dealing with emergencies, they can actually be part of your brand loyalty plan. With these cool advancements, the future of customer service will definitely be more customer-friendly.

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