humanisation of brands

The humanisation of brands

They’re born. They learn. They grow. And sometimes, we’ve also seen them die. No, this isn’t about the human life cycle. This is about the humanisation of brands. Brands simply cannot afford to be seen as apathetic corporate titans. Every brand you own, love and buy, has understood this and is doing it right.

Research indicates that people tend to be more influenced by other people rather than brands. That is where it all began. Brands and their products couldn’t simply stop at providing solutions. They had to engage, inspire and more importantly, build relationships.

As the world went digital, it shrunk. Global brands were fighting for international audiences on the same platform. The brands that rose above the others were the ones that were human, that told moving stories. Some made you laugh, while others made you cry. Some inspired you, while others stood by you. Just like the people around you, brands are also conversing with you.

humanisation of brands

Humans are made up water, cells and organs. All of which comes together like clockwork to ensure we live to enjoy another day. The same is true for brands. They’re made of people, processes and departments. They all work cohesively to achieve their targets and their goals.

Like us, brand are also not immune to making mistakes. But unlike us, their mistakes aren’t easily forgotten. If it’s on the internet, it’s forever. The only way brands can wash off those eternal smudges is by apologising and owning up to it.

Throughout our lives, we are on a journey of learning. The values we held yesterday, sometimes are not the ones we hold today. Change, for a human, is a constant. As we are continuously evolving, so are brands. The things that have changed us, change brands. The brands that adapt, prevail. The others, perish.

Many reasons humanise brands. But the greatest among them will always be the people. People tell stories. People have feelings. People know people. Just like people, brands live a life of their own. The only thing that’s enviously inhuman about them is their immortality.

In today’s marketing landscape, humanising your brand is the only way you stand a fighting chance against the behemoths of your industry. Here at Clevertize, we’d be more than happy to help you with that.

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