5 Design Tricks for advertising based on Psychology

“Psychology explores human nature, the psyche, and why people behave the way they do. Advertising explores the art of influencing human behaviour to make certain purchase decisions.”Leah Dekrey, Coschedule.

Place the images/graphics on the left and text on the right.

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres. The information on the left side is processed by the right hemisphere & the information on the right side is processed by the left hemisphere.

Design Tricks for advertising

Place products in a way that makes mental interaction possible

People are more likely to engage with an advertisement/product if the objects are placed the way it ideally would when a person interacts with them.

Use rhymes for Call to Action.

Reason Effect (also called the Eaton-Rosen Effect) is the phenomenon that occurs when a person believes that a saying is more catchy when it rhymes while conversing.  

“What sobriety conceals, alcohol reveals.” is judged as more accurate than, “What sobriety hides, alcohol reveals,” or “What sobriety conceals, alcohol shows,” even though they all have the same meaning.

Use Thin-Serif Font to Convey Beauty.

Our brain automatically associates tall & thin characteristics to beauty. Hence, if you want to make your font seem beautiful and processed easily, use light typefaces.

Design Tricks for advertising

Use slanted fonts to convey speed

Objects in speed appear slanted to the brain. That is why slanted/Italic fonts give the same feeling. They can be used to bring out a sense of urgency too.

Design Tricks for advertising

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