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6 Tips to Create Story for your Media Plan

………. did you know who is the king of today’s digital kingdom? ……” A Story”
Okay, now the question is – are you giving the most priority to your king or just filling it? We, at Clevertize, help brands to figure out various ways to make the King powerful.

“We were risk takers”- is what you can hear most big brands say, as they made the classic mistake of jumping without looking. In other words, these brands and people used to create marvellous stories with no knowledge of the actual impact of the market and without measuring the result. So, sometimes they would have hit the bullseye, but at the expense of a huge chunk of money. And that is what summed up the risk taking activity for them.

But, are we not risk takers too?

Yes, we are! But the problem is that, now we are advanced. Now, before launching a campaign we measure almost 70% of the result and then take the risk of about 30%.

Does a  70:30 ratio sound too high???… Yes, but this is exactly the reason why Clevertize will be counted in top 10 digital agencies in India soon!

A major reason behind this is the driving fact that we use media planning with accurate data and visualize campaigns to tell a complete story. A story that has a start and an end line. Does it still seem confusing to you? No problem, just read on to know more about the best way to tell your story through the media plan.

1/6: Define success:  The first thing you need to show is how successful is your plan and what is the ROI you will get from the campaign.

Design & define the purpose of every campaign and all that is to be accomplished with specific goals. You may need to create multiple storytelling campaigns per month to hit your goal, or perhaps just one or two per quarter, depending on your resources.

2/6: Know & Find your audience: We need to understand that your brand target audience is not everyone on this planet. So, audience analysis/profiling is important. Clevertize uses many paid tools to analyse the right audience and their behaviour on a day to day basis and we also use advanced technology to analyse the right & relevant audience.

Also, you have to understand that your relevant audience is not everywhere, so you have to play very smartly when choosing the right platform with the right time to target them.

3/6: Show the number like a Writer: Once you get the data of the audience universe and the  reach of the platform with regards to the target audience, you have to make the media plan while showing proper numbers with platform wise reach that will help you move closer to the desired result. Which means that each column in the media plan needs to be supported with the  logic for using that particular platform and ways on how you get the number.

4/6: Create your visuals: Each and every campaign which you present has to have a visual format in the form of photo, screenshot, video, audio, etc. It will help in creating impact on the client while you present your plan.

5/6: Execution plan: After presenting the idea and story at the same time in the plan, there should be an execution plan for the campaign that showcases the structure. It should show how you are going to execute this? What other things would you need to run this campaign successfully? What are the  other ways to achieve this plan and the reporting format, etc.

6/6: Plan your next campaign: Last but not the least, try to plan your next story. They way many movies end with a snippet to create a bit of suspense…and then the next part comes up. Similarly, your plan has to have the same flow. You have to create suspense when you are presenting the plan in order to make it more interesting.  

At Clevertize, we have developed many successful campaigns in different industries while creating a storytelling media plan and executing it to perfection.

So, are you excited?  Are you warmed up to the idea of creating a storytelling media plan that is backed by accurate data?

Well, we surely can help you out with the right plan! Just Enquiry Now and our concerned person will knock on your door shortly.

Clevertize is one of the Top Integrated Marketing Communication Agencies in India. It has worked with many national & international clients like eBay, Nando’s, David Lloyd UK, METRO Cash & Carry, Sobha Ltd., TATA Motors, Barbeque Nation to name a few.

Clevertize is an Award Winning Agency, known to marry marketing with technology.

Some of the services that Clevertize provides are:

Creative Services, Performance & Digital Media Marketing, Visual Identity & Branding, Campaign Management & Analysis, UI/UX & Website design, PWA, Video creation, Media planning & buying, Chatbot & more.

If Return on Investment is critical for you, talk to Clevertize!

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