Artificial Intelligence in Paid Marketing

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Paid Marketing

With change in the customer behavior over the past decade caused by mobile penetration in the market, there are tons of data flowing around marketers. Data filtering and processing is a tedious task. To gain insights from the dump of data requires an “n” number of permutations and combinations. It requires the same skills as to decode some secret message. Artificial Intelligence applications can interpret data in ways which humans generally miss out.

Role of Artificial Intelligence?

AI in marketing utilizes customer data along with machine learning to predict customer behavior. AI compiles the data and segments the data to provide useful insights, which can later be used in targeting the right customer with the right communication. The insights from the segment can be used in boosting campaign performance, hence increasing the ROI in a comparatively shorter span of time.

Right from planning to execution and to the end result, AI plays a role of a bridge that reduces the time of a final outcome and with the help of predictive analysis allows one to make decisions faster.

When it comes to advertising, AI is being used in multiple ways to improve effectiveness of campaigns. It has been used to find and define audiences, refine the creative message, generate audience personas, and develop bidding strategies that optimize a client’s desired goals.

When it comes to implementation, we have come far away from dynamic landing pages to dynamic pricing, speech recognition, and most importantly personalized Chatbot.

Apart from this AI also helps in forecasting sales  and projections, finding the trends, and many more.

Audience Intelligence:

Audience intelligence is about collecting and understanding audience insights, identifying marketing strategies to target the right audience based on ideas.

Ad Fraud and AI

Ad fraud is the biggest threat to the digital advertising industry. As per a research, spends on Ad fraud will reach US$44 billion by 2022.

 AI based Ad fraud detection system builds a layer of defence system based on the learning from previous patterns and metrics. 

To sum it up, here are a few essential pointers to remember when we think of AI.

  1. AI can be used to process vast quantities of data and make accurate decisions based on previous patterns
  2. It helps in hyper personalizing customer experience based on their behavior
  3. It goes a long way in speeding up content creation
  4. By closely following the consumer patterns thrown up by AI we can decide clearly decide on what to tweak the content around and also figure out the appropriate time to do so
  5. Lead Scoring and creating funnel and automate the process

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