Color Palettes

Color Palettes you can steal

Colors affect our mood and perception. 

Before discussing Color Palettes, we will talk about some basics that we need to know to create and use color palettes wisely.

Color Theory

Color theory helps you understand color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. Color theory is the primary guidelines that surround a color that helps in creating an aesthetically pleasing visual.

Important terms to know before creating color schemes:

  1. Hue: All primary and secondary colors in the color wheel are “hues.”
  2. Tone/Saturation: You can add black and white to a hue to create a tone
  3. Shade: The color you get when you add black to any hue is called “shade” shades vary according to the amount of black added 
  4. Tint: Tint is the color you get when you add white to a hue.
  5. Chroma: The purity of a color
  6. Value: Representation of a color’s brightness

Traditional color schemes

  1. Color Wheel : Color Wheel is an important tool in creating a color scheme.
  2. Monochromatic : Color scheme made of different tones, shade, and tints of the same hue.
  3. Analogous : Color schemes created with three colors next to each other in the color wheel.

Complementary: Color scheme created with hues opposite to each other in the color wheel.

Split Complementary: Color scheme created with hues on either side of the hue opposite the base hue.

Triadic: Schemes consisting of three hues and which are spaced equally around the color wheel.

Double-Complementary: Color scheme made of two sets of complementary hues.

Types of Colors

You can create different types of custom color palettes by referring to the points mentioned above. Usage of tints, tones, and shades are paramount in creating color palettes.

Tools to create Color Palettes

To create a color palette easily, you can always use specific tools that make the job easier.

You can create a color scheme from a photograph using tools like Adobe Photoshop. You can also use automated tools, e.g., Adobe Capture CC – this is an easy way of creating a color scheme from a photograph with a specific mood or color which is appealing to you.

Here’s a list of tools which will help you create color palettes:

  1. Adobe Color CC
  2. Adobe Illustrator Color Guide
  3. Color Hunt
  4. The Color App

Creating a beautiful color scheme is a skill that you can learn with practice.

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