Instagram Reel’s for brand promotion

How to use Instagram Reels for brand promotion

The visual sharing platform Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps among millennials and Gen z’s. With over 500 million users Instagram has become the new key to kick start your brand marketing into high gear.

Video content’s popularity is exploding day by day. Entertainment landscape is being overtaken by digital video content. Online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022.

Instagram has introduced its brand new TikTok inspired feature called Reels which is integrated within the app. It allows the users to make fun and engaging 15 seconds video by using a music catalog and creative filters.

The main function on Reels is very similar to TikTok, it is very easy to use and users can easily find it once they open the Instagram camera option. Interesting inbuilt features like speed, audio, effects and timer have been added which can be altered and controlled by the user.

This feature can be a game changer for brands if used correctly with engaging and good content. Brands can easily leverage the feature to promote itself on the platform. Reels will make it easier for brands to increase their authenticity and transparency and help the brands to connect with the users in a new way. These days the attention span of people is not longer than 3 seconds. Brands can use this insight to their advantage and make short, attention grabbing videos for their promotion. Reels can be a platform for brands to express their brand voice and tone.

Brands must create eye catchy and engaging videos for their target audience. As reels are a 15 seconder feature, brands can put more information into a shorter, bite sized  story. If your brand deals in cooking, you can make quick recipe videos. You can also post short DIY videos to keep the audience engaged and create more brand awareness.

Brands can rope in influencers and ask them to talk about your brand and campaigns done by the brand through reels. This will give your brand a wider audience and will influence more people to check out your page! The influencer marketing strategy is the new face of marketing and promotion.

Brands can host interesting challenges on their page through reels to hold on to the audience’s attention. They can hold hashtag challenges, video challenges like dance, makeup or hacks along with the hook of giveaways and prizes.  This will generate traffic and increase leads.

Always follow the trend, create videos on trending and topical culture. This will help the audience to relate to the brand better and attract more people.

Instagram has a young audience, and it’s the best platform to experiment and try new things with your brand. You never know what might click! Reels is new and there is still a huge audience ready to be tapped and explored through creativity and engagement.

There are plenty of new opportunities that brands can use to shine through the new world of Reels and one must prefer Instagram as a platform to promote and grow their business.

No matter what shape or size your business is, these tips will help your brand to gain success so adopt early and reap the reward!

Happy Reeling!!

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