Marketing a brand valued at £1.3billion in India from scratch

David Lloyd Clubs is Europe’s biggest lifestyle club and when they decided to enter India in collaboration with Talwalkars, they instantly became India’s most premium lifestyle club with world-class amenities.

David Lloyd Clubs Talwalkars, however, started their campaign on the wrong foot.

The biggest challenge they were facing was an identity crisis and capturing an empty space in the market with the correct communication.

With their initial communication, they pitted themselves against all other clubs and claimed to be the best due to a wider range of amenities. At their price point, however, it did not work out for them.

When they approached us, we analysed the challenges they were facing

  • - David Lloyd was a well known brand in Europe, NOT IN INDIA
  • - Their annual membership started from 1L per person
  • - People assumed it was “just another expensive gym” due to the Talwalkar brand name
  • - Premium club in Pune

We knew selling “all amenities are exclusive” will not make the cut.
So we went ahead and told people, while you may have tried these amenities before, we, at DLT Clubs, will give you a new experience with them.

Thus landed,


  • For the pre-launch phase, in just 4 months we had more than 300 members even before the club gates opened, 80% of whom are CXOs of various companies
  • We reached 11 lakh of the city’s population out of 71 lakhs. And increased direct traffic by 300% on their website
  • Currently we are 800 members strong and are only looking to add more!

And that is the story of how we launched a $2.1billion property in India with a bang!

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