Compelling thousands of Indian Sellers to go Global with eBay

In a time where local sellers are struggling to create demand in the Indian market due to Covid-19, our campaign with eBay has helped them capitalize on the ’Atmanirbhar Bharat’ trend and reach 183M+ buyers across the world.

We ran a string of campaigns with 2 goals in mind - Firstly to raise awareness about eBay’s service offering in India, and secondly, to get local sellers to sell their products globally on eBay.

The theme revolves around taking all sorts of products “India Se Duniya Tak” and Indianizing the world with them. With our posts and videos already gaining more than 1 million hits online, we’ve helped many such local entrepreneurs imagine their jewelry and dhotis on the Mona Lisas and Davids of the world.

From #VocaltoLocal to #LocaltoGlobal, we’ve assisted eBay through it all, and we’re well on our way to establish them as the preferred platform to export for sellers all across the nation.

Stay Tuned as we prepare to reach more hearts & Indianize the world with eBay!

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