Recruiting through the Pandemic

The outbreak of the pandemic, COVID-19 has drastically affected the functioning and working pattern of all organizations. The pandemic has acted as an opportunity for some and a threat to many, eventually affecting their regular activities. Recruitment is one such routine activity in a company that has been disrupted. Many organizations have managed these uncertain circumstances brilliantly by transforming their processes and policies. They have effectively synchronized themselves with the ongoing scenario and adapted to it promptly.

Clevertizing Recruitment

In these challenging times, the capacity to alter the strategies and plans of action shows the strength of a business. The more pro-active and prepared the organization is, the more resilient it is in tough situations. 

Now, talent acquisition requires heightened strategic expertise. Although the procedures remain the same, the organizations need to relook into their requirements for talent in order to cater to the current demands. 

For a martech consultancy like Clevertize, the biggest benefit that could be derived out of the work-from-home practice was the increased presence and activity of the public on the various social media platforms. This led to people showcasing their creativity on a public platform, and Clevertize grabbed that opportunity.

With immense trust in its interns, the company gave them a chance to handle its social media accounts and attract as many people they can. Right from formulating the strategies to its execution, interns were allowed to set targets, make decisions, approach different people, and extract the most out of the opportunity. They collaborated with different verticals of the company and went ahead with some strategies like, Portraying Life@Clevertize & Appreciating the Existing Talent. 

The interns used Recruitment Marketing techniques like Employee and Employer Branding. They assigned one day in a week for portraying the organizational culture through Instagram stories and labeled it as “Life@Clevertize.” If a brand is comfortable talking about its culture, its authenticity increases in the minds of potential employees, making it a potential workplace. Due to these reasons, reactions received on intern life, work-from-home life, and pet’s day stories were overwhelmingly positive.

Being an ad agency, Clevertize and its employees have always been appreciative of creative minds it possesses. Promoting employee’s work on the company’s platform leads to encouragement and keeps the employee motivated, which inculcates a desire in the potential employee to work with the company.

Still Hiring!

Amidst the winds of recession and insecurities, Clevertize had been and still is hiring rigorously. It was enlightening to know that having a personal connection with potential employees resonates with them and helps in building a talent community. The sudden shift from traditional recruitment to remote recruitment helped in gaining a knowledge of Boolean Search, broadening the ambit of recruitment and reaching out to people just by using two unrelated words with words like ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘not’ and some punctuations. 

The pandemic has also transformed the interviewing process from a balanced mix of telephonic and face-to-face interviews to only telephonic and Zoom-based interviews, which did not in any way affect the essence and core purpose of interviews for Clevertize. Similarly, digital onboarding and induction via video calls is not just about completing the joining formalities. For us, it includes a meet and greet, making the new joinee feel comfortable in the working environment, encouraging one on one interaction, and making them aware of our work culture. The virtual presence has not let physical absenteeism affect the operational efficiency of Clevertize.

Way Forward

To overcome the lack of physical presence and interpersonal connect, it becomes necessary for organisations to have an efficient and timely communication system. The company, employees, and potential employees must be able to empathize with each other, be supportive, and come up with realistic solutions. In these times, the company trusting the candidates, newly onboarded employees, and vice-versa is mutually beneficial. Embracing and adapting virtual hiring strategies, strengthening the intra-organizational and external communication, and prioritizing the health and safety of the current and potential employees should be the major concerns for the HR Managers in these times. To gain confidence in people in and around the organization during insecure times, maintaining transparency, and providing the flexibility of operation is vital to any company’s recruitment process.

With the one-step-ahead approach, Clevertize has always been up for shifting gears to continue its smooth functioning. Irrespective of the circumstances, it is always open to recruit up and coming curious minds.

About Clevertize

“Clevertize is one of the Top Integrated Marketing Communication Agencies in India. It has worked with many national & international clients like eBay, Nando’s, David Lloyd UK, METRO Cash & Carry, Sobha Ltd., TATA Motors, Barbeque Nation to name a few. 

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