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Myth vs reality: Working in Advertising

Instagram-worthy office spaces with a dedicated space to chill with your furry friends, flexibility to lounge, and collaborate in your PJs from the comfort of your home. The advertising agency culture is changing the landscape of the service industry. 

No wonder you have probably landed here looking to make yourself a place in marketing. 

While marketing jobs are pretty great and in high demand, working in an advertising agency comes with its own set of peculiarities.

Here’s to debunking the top 5 Myths of the advertising agency culture!

Myth 1: It’s Difficult To Get Started

There sure is a lot of competition out there, but with the industry growing at one of the fastest growth rates in the country, there are plenty of opportunities. The requirements are usually doable (A bachelor’s degree is good to get you started) with a good learning curve throughout. You could start with an internship & find your area of expertise in client management, creative & copywriting roles, among others. 

Myth 2: Only Experienced People Make Great Ideas

Like they say, “Soch kabhi bhi aa sakti hai” (we obviously mean a different kind of soch here). A great marketing idea could come to anyone as new as their day 1 into the job. 

The agency advertising culture requires you to structure & execute your ideas for your client businesses and hence you need to understand what your client would like. This sure limits you to follow the given brief, but even then an idea can strike anytime, so take your chance, jump right into it and see how the agency life plays out for you! The key is to stay updated with industry trends.

Myth 3: The Glamour

Pretty people in cool working spaces, wearing beautiful clothes that exuberate luxury! Movies & TV shows reflect a picture of marketing far from reality. 

In reality, advertising demands hard work, great skills, regular update of knowledge about the industry, problem-solving skills, great communication & a strategic outlook. You do get to travel for some of your clients, but that majorly works and you won’t have the time to chug those shots down at the end of your day! 

Myth 4: It’s All About The Creativity

The creative department in an advertising agency culture is sure to be a showstopper. It’s what brings the agency its brand value and success. However, there are many more important roles that an Ad agency needs people for. There are departments of Account servicing, Account Planning, Content Writing, Strategy, Finance & accounts, Media Buying & Production to name a few. 

If creativity is not your key, go through the JDs of other roles & you will definitely find something that interests you.

Myth 5: It’s not a 9-5 Industry!

While we don’t ask you to shy away from your social life, in fact, it is an important part of your role for most designations at an agency, sometimes there could be impossible deadlines. It’s during these times of the call of the duty that one has to be flexible. But when you love your job (that’s what happens to most people when they explore advertising, btw), it’s no big deal! It’s the nature of the industry, that it’s so dynamic, that drives you to constantly upgrade & have your Eureka moments even at a pool table! Not all days are the same, but some are, and then, no pain, no gain.

So go out, find a role for yourself. Everyone needs marketing, even your favourite road-side joint! Working in an advertising agency will open new doors for you in ways beyond imagination. Come aboard & drop in your resume to us at Clevertize. 

Clevertize is one of the Top Integrated Marketing Communication Agencies in India. It has worked with many national & international clients like eBay, Nando’s, David Lloyd UK, METRO Cash & Carry, Sobha Ltd., TATA Motors, Barbeque Nation to name a few. 

Clevertize is an Award Winning Agency, known to marry marketing with technology.

Some of the services that Clevertize provides are:

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