Business Branding

Business Branding

Does Branding just help to define a product or service? 

Possibly, but it is much more than that; branding helps you define a business. Today, it stands as one of the most important pillars of an organization. Without branding, a business or organization loses its identity in the market and as well as form a customer’s point of view. When we talk about the anatomy of a brand, there are two things that we need to focus on, one is a brand strategy and the other is brand expression

Brand strategy helps you talk about aspects such as internal branding and positioning

Internal brand always talks about the Brand’s DNA which are the main points you cover before you start Branding for a product or service. 

  1. Purpose explains the reason behind the brand’s existence.
  2. Vision defines the assumed path of the brand.
  3. Mission taps into the future of the brand
  4. Values are about the behavior of the brand. 

Positioning in terms of marketing defines the brand in the minds of its target audience. It becomes very important to ensure that the brand is appealing to the audience as competitors are working to bridge the gap in order to stand out in the marketplace. 

The term brand expression implies expressing the brand in the best possible manner. A customer only notices what’s above the surface (what we see) while a marketer would understand what’s below (what helps connect with the audience) of a brand. A brand is always denoted by a character in terms of its personality and brand voice. When we talk about “above the surface”, we refer to the common visual expressions such as:

  1. Brand name
  2. Tagline
  3. Promise
  4. Core message
  5. Brand story

Most commonly these factors help to grab the attention of a customer as it is very eye-catching and alluring. When we refer to “below the surface”, it primarily consists of verbal expressions that are too convoluted for the customer to comprehend but extremely important for a marketer to convey. Verbal expressions can be in the form of visual identity, presence in color/logo/ typography, website, print stories, social pages, physical stores, etc. which should be like hitting a nail on the head.

Moving on to the overview of a brand strategy; there is always some confusion between branding and marketing, although, on the same team and same goal- to grow business, they have very different approaches. Some believe that branding is a subset of marketing while others feel marketing is a subset of branding. Both of them, in a nutshell, refers to putting forward the right message at the right place and right time. Branding focuses on making connections, building trust, and nurturing relationships. Without the marketing department, branding wouldn’t have been possible and without the branding department, marketing wouldn’t have been able to hold on to the Relation. A lot of companies spend more time on marketing rather than branding due to which the fame that a company holds remains for a short period of time keeping their future at stake

Consumers are the voice that holds the brand together, allowing it to move forward. People have human relationships with the brand and bond with its; purpose, personality, voice, and tone (These are the parameters that state how a brand becomes an important member in every household family). Apart from commercial interest, it helps to identify a greater good. It helps you to foster an inner belief and creates a positive culture amongst its audience.

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