5 Podcasts You Need to Tune Into NOW!

In today’s day and age, Podcasts are the new books. There was a time when everyone would run to the libraries every time they needed information or to learn something new. Nowadays, we have Podcasts, which are more convenient, interesting and have a range of information which can keep you hooked for hours.

We asked our Team for the Top 5 Podcasts they listen to and here’s what we found:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
    Hosted by the ever funny comedian, Joe Rogan, this podcast covers a wide range of topics from science to politics to sports and entertainment. He hosts a guest every episode and the format of the show allows the audience a sneak peek into the world of politics, science and pop culture. This podcast also addresses several relevant, and sometimes difficult, topics.

2. Serial
If unsolved murders, disappearing people and cold cases help you fall asleep at night, Serial is the podcast for you. Hosted by the amazing Sarah Koenig, this podcast has been around forever and takes investigative journalism to a whole new level. Narrating gripping, non-fiction tales over a series of episodes, Serial will definitely have you hooked as a listener.

3. The Internet Said So
Do you want to know weird and wacky facts which are easily available on the internet? And do you want to listen to 4 people discuss these wacky things? Then The Internet Said So is what you want to listen to. While the description may sound uninteresting, hosts Varun, Aadar, Kautuk and Neville make the topics interesting, fun filled and downright hilarious. 

4. The Desi Crime Podcast
This one’s a true crime podcast, but with a focus on India-related crimes. These tales are gripping, horrifying and scary – we warn you, they may even make you lose sleep at night. Hosts Aishwarya and Aryaan though, raise the bar with every episode making this one a must-listen podcast. What’s more? If you’re a horror buff, they have a “Chai & Chitthi” segment where they read out user generated horror experiences. Sounds spooky? Give it a listen!

5. Huberman Lab
Hosted by Dr. Andrew Huberman, a tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine, this one’s for all the intrusive thoughts you get. Want to know how to make your brain stop procrastinating or understand how to manage hair fall from a scientific perspective? Listen to the Huberman Lab. We guarantee you, after a few episodes you’ll understand your brain better.

So, there you go. These are just a few of the top popular podcasts to tune into. If you’re looking for specific topics to listen to, reach out to us on Instagram and we’ll give you a shoutout and recommendation!


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