Sobha Soul Fest

Sobha Dream Series is Sobha Limited’s affordable housing project. They had 1 existing property, Sobha Dream Acres (Varthur Road) and were looking at kicking off their second project (Thanissandra).

The brief was simple:
Sobha Dream Series wanted to showcase their new project location to people.
We knew we had certain challenges to face:

  • - We had no RERA number
  • - We could not promote our project
  • - The location was quite far from the city centre

We then went on a search of what would bring people from all over to Thanissandra? How is it that we can call people to our property location and get them excited?

Roughly 45% of the world’s population use social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes spent per day on social media.
This is above and beyond the time they spend on calls or at work.

In the day to day busy life, people of this generation work hard to fulfil their needs. Everyone is now a part of the workaholic population, operated by technology.

In this run of meeting the needs of the human body,
We have forgotten to do what we love.
We have given up on the things that drove our passion.
We have stopped doing things that fed our soul!

We asked the people of Bengaluru to switch off their phones and keep aside their laptops for a peaceful, entertaining and joyous experience along with their families, offered by Sobha Dream Series.

Sobha SoulFest was a 3 day event organised by Sobha Developers to promote the location of their upcoming project.

It was 3 days of fun, friends & family- 5-7th October 2018
It incorporated poetry, story telling, comedy & music amongst other events.
We had performances by Raghu Dixit, Lagori, Ashish Vidyarthi, Naveen Richard, Gaur Gopal Das to name a few.

How did we approach the successful execution of the event?

  • We created a landing page with booking portal & event details
  • We ensured continuous build up and excitement on social media platforms
  • We made sure we were ranking with SEO efforts
  • We continuously monitored & optimised our media campaigns

We even curated special offers for students, early birds & flash sales.

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