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Barbeque nation: Jattsetgo

Every year in the month of September, Barbeque Nation goes through a lull phase. Its a month before Diwali and people are looking at saving up for big spends.

That means, empty tables at 135+ outlets across the nation.

Barbeque Nation wanted us to tackle this problem in any manner deemed suitable and ensure their tables are full.

Barbeque Nation had never tried altering their menu to a drastic extent. They had tried Mexican, Greek, African, but people continued to complain about the lack of variety at their outlets.

We did 2 things:

  • 1. We analysed what would people enjoy the most?
  • 2. What would not be an executional headache

The most popular and loves culture amongst people in India is PUNJABI

  • - Their food
  • - Their lifestyle
  • - Their parties
  • - Their music

We love it all!

Barbeque Nation had never done a Punjabi Food Festival and we decided to bring Punjab to all their outlets.

And thus landed,

It started with the creation of a 2D character: Makkhan Singh (show face)
A man who loves his butter & loves buttering people.
We brought him to life with an influencer, a punjabi food blogger (who else could bring that raw punjabi energy to the table?)

We created a character that danced with people (makkhan step), recited the menu (dhaba style) with people and visited the outlets with a dollop of butter in his hand

We changed Barbeque Nation to make it completely Punjabi: right from decor, music, games to menu changes. We added items like Punjabi lassi, Makkai ki roti, sarson da saag, punjabi Kadhi, Amritsari Jhinge, gajar ka halwa to name a few to the menu!


  • - Our engagement rates increased by 171.3% during the campaign.
  • - The number of people who booked tables with us over the duration increased by 25.07% as compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • - We reached over 24 million people.
  • - The direct revenue generated through this campaign was 8 times the amount invested in promotional activities!

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