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Future of Digital Marketing and our Readiness

The age is of constant change; the digital marketing world is constantly changing on the basis of the advancements in technology and human behavior. This domain has consistently adapted in order to satisfy the needs of customers as well as companies. 

A large part of the Digital Marketing world is due to the development of technology which has helped to increase the reach and connectivity of the world. Traditionally, paid modes of digital marketing included SEO, content marketing, social media, community management, and more. This is constantly being improved and the rate of change is a lot faster every time. 

Marketers need to evolve in order to stay relevant in the high-tech digital marketing evolution. We need to be prepared for the changes as running an advertisement will no longer be sufficient. We have to work to establish connections with customers using various digital channels in order to get the best return rate. Moreover, we have to use the digital advancements to our advantage and use it to attract customers.

The future of digital marketing seems to build upon the following innovations:

  1. Artificial intelligence
    This is a very broad field that is taking over Digital Marketing. In this domain, AI is mostly used to analyse data. The information which is got is then used to make decisions such as bidding strategies, audience targeting, keyword suggestions, and even curating content. Chatbots are another feature which helps better the user experience, making it a way in for marketers.
  1. Personalization
    this is a very important aspect as people do not want information which is irrelevant to them. Personalizing advertisements, digital assistants, and many more are the key. As physical spaces are also digitized, the concept of augmented reality is playing a large role in personalizing experiences of products and services, using this feature trial run can be provided for customers. Emotion detecting technology is helping marketers communicated with their customers more effectively. 
  1. Shift in social media
    People are not using social media to connect with their peers but for entertainment such as watching videos that are separate from their social lives. This implies that digital marketers should focus on the platforms that people are more likely to use as the instant messaging trend is now declining.
  1. Voice optimization
    This has become very prevalent in the searches, 20% of mobile searches on Google last year were voice searches and this number is only growing. Marketers can focus on giving a significant part of the campaign to long-tail keywords and more detailed search phrases to optimize their conversion rate.
  1. Influencer Marketing
    Today, this is as effective as word-of-mouth marketing. Hearing positive feedback about brands from people one trusts carries very high weight when compared to brand campaigns.  This is an effective angle that can be used by marketers as there is already a built-in audience that can be converted with ease.

Although attributes such as personalization is attractive, one key aspect with this constantly changing environment is to protect customer privacy. 

In order to be prepared for the changes, I believe companies should have an agile management and invest in customer data analytics and tech talent which will come in handy in the upcoming digital wave. I learned this best from Clevertize. 

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