1. Bold

Bold typography will hold its place in 2020. Contrasting things look awesome together.

Broken grid Designs

2. Broken grid,
asymmetrical layouts

It seems that the upcoming year will not be famous for tidy and traditional grid usage.

3. Micro-interactions
and animation

We live in an era where we have powerful devices and soon with 5G capability animated 3D ui won’t be a pain anymore. In 2020 other animated elements like logos,illustrations, and texts will also thrive on web pages.

Micro-interactions and animation
custom cursor

4. Custom cursors

They come in all shapes and forms with an unorthodox size and color,

5. Personalized Design
for the Occasion

The real viewing angle of the seat when they choose a seat in the cinema.

ui designs

6. Design for Disabled

People with permanent, temporary, or situational disabilities intract with your product in diffrebt ways. Adopting an inclusive mindset in your design will help you create more convenient products for all users.

Trends for 2020