Technology TRENDS

1. Rise of AR

The release of Google ARcore depth api, allows users to interact with the real world objects & augmented objects to make the experience more immersive.

We will see a rise in AR related features from brands to appeal to a wider audience which translated to more user generated content.


2. Redefining Work,

AI & ML to automate process which intern librates employees doing mundane and repetitive work across all industries.

We predict dependency on AI processed data and providing solutions.

3. Voice commerce

We will see the rise in application that enables you to intract with it using voice commands and perform vaious tasks behalf you with a simple voice input.

taking decisions in a split second via AI & Deep learning will be widely accepted.

voice commerce

4. Ascent of IOT

A decade of consistent innovations in the field of embedded systems and networking.

It’s no secret why IOT Devices will dominate the market.

5. Distributed Cloud &
Cloud Computing

Most companies will start distributing storage and computing across the cloud rather than centralised computing/ storage.

as of today 90% of companies are in the cloud and 60% IT workloads are done on the cloud.

cloud computing
web browsers

6. The Shift in Web

With users tending to protect there privacy online, browers are adapting accordingly.

Brave being the first broswer to blocking tracking codes but default is gaining propularity.

New Edge browser relesing this year will conquire 5% shares held by IE and will be a major competitor to Goole Chrome.

Trends for 2020