1. Google EAT

I’m sure a lot of people have heard the buzzword “EAT” that has been floating around in SEO communities for a while.

E-A-T in SEO stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. In fact, Google has openly stated that E-A-T is an important factor that is used to evaluate the page quality.

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bert algorithm

2. BERT & User
- Focused Optimization

With over billions of searches made every day, of which 15% are unique, it was extremely complex for Google to predict what exactly the user was looking for.

The BERT algorithm is said to have an impact 1 in 10 search query all over the world.

3. Dawn of Video Content

The next major trend is video content. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call the video content a trend but it’s huge. It’s been important for a long time, and the rate at which it’s growth will continue to be incredibly important.

After all, YouTube has over 1 Billion users and 1/3 of online activity is estimated to be video watching with 92% of mobile video viewers sharing the video.

And even Google loves video. So much that they include video content in the search results.

video content
seo backlinks

4. Backlink

Well again, not really a trend but the importance of backlinks has increased over time and they are still considered as one of the most important ranking factors among many studies conducted and by Google as well.

You need to have a link building strategy in place to rank your content.

5. Featured Snippet

featured snippet is the summary of the answer to the user’s query directly taken from the relevant websites. The featured snippet directly answers the user’s query without the user having to click on the website.

It provides a friendly user experience especially on smaller viewports as they add richness and more visual format, which makes it easier for users to consume.

featured snippet
local seo

6. Local SEO

Local SEO similar to SEO is a practice of promoting a local business in a specific area by providing your potential customers the information they are looking for.

it was found that around 88% of users who search for a business by name on mobile devices.

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