1. Digital out-of-home

DOOH offers some of the advantages of the technology used in online display advertising, such as targeting and enhanced traffic data,

2. Data Management Platform
vs Customer Data Platform

DMPs are much better at integrating with the rest of the advertising ecosystem and some extend to ad campaign management and analytics. CDPs are better at ingesting all types of data, storing it without loss of detail,

3. Online Video to Drive
Business Results

It is estimated that online videos makes up 70% of data consumption made in india, more than 1200 youtube channels have subscribers over 1 million

4. Chat Bots

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence chatbots will witness an increase, especially in the consumer-based services.

5. Smart Campaigns,
Automated ads

Reach users across the funnel in a powerful new way. Smart Campaigns can improve scale with little or no change to overall marketer CPA goals.

6. Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning

Behavioral marketing allows you to both predict what users are likely to do next and determine what action you should take. It will differ from brand to brand, but probably can be incorporated on factors like language, cultural characteristics, social engagement, and the way the user searches for

Trends for 2020